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The Story of Paws
By Temma O’Connor


Temma O’Connor is a young writer living in California, near San Francisco.  She recently got a new cat names “Paws,” and instead of writing a “Cats vs. Dogs” essay exactly, Temma is writing a whole fictional story about Paws!  We will print it in excerpts as she writes on “Our Place to Paws.”

The Story of Paws: Chapter 4



Everyone stared. The slashes on her face looked pretty deep; her face looked like a sculptor had taken it and permanently morphed it into an expression of pain and shock. 


The girl looked around and went to a cage that was empty, a cage once occupied by a cat Midnight said had been here for three months because his owners never came. His name was Raven Slayer (at least that’s what he called himself), but cats called him Raven for short. He was black, just like Midnight, but had a permanent scar just below his eye. He was a pretty young cat, but older than me and Midnight. 


“He was always a troublemaker.” Frisky said when she heard us talking about him the first day I was here. “He’s been trying to escape since he got here.” Her words rang in my head.


“Now he’s gone,” I whispered to myself. 


The girl looked in the cage and gasped. “He’s gone! He’ll never survive alone! Oh dear, what if he gets hit by a truck? He has no idea what he’s gotten into! And he scratched my face!” She rambled on and on to herself. Suddenly, the door opened again. This time it was an old man. “Rachel! What are you doing in…” He didn’t finish his sentence because he gasped. “Rachel! What happened to you?” he demanded. Rachel moved aside so he could see the empty cage. “He escaped! And he scratched me!” she exclaimed. “Oh, well, lets get you cleaned up first. Then we’ll deal with this,” he decided, and escorted her outside. 


As soon as the door closed behind them, every cat started talking, whispering, yelling.

“Midnight?” I called his name.

“Yes, Paws?” he answered.

“I think it’s time we escaped, too,” I said.

“You're right,” he agreed, “and I think I know exactly how.” He whispered his plan to me, and then we told all the other cats and they agreed. Soon, we would be free from this place. I didn’t know if I would ever find my way back to my own house, but any place was better than this.


I sighed. I hoped the plan worked. If it didn’t, we would all probably be locked up again, but at least we would have tried. We would learn from our mistakes and maybe try to escape again. Well, if Raven could do it, why couldn’t we?


I ate some of my dry, stale, stinky food and drank some water. I curled up, and just before I fell asleep, I heard Midnight whisper, “I hope our plan works.”


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