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The Story of Paws
By Temma O’Connor


Temma O’Connor is a young writer living in California, near San Francisco.  She recently got a new cat names “Paws,” and instead of writing a “Cats vs. Dogs” essay exactly, Temma is writing a whole fictional story about Paws!  We will print it in excerpts as she writes on “Our Place to Paws.”

The Story of Paws: Chapter 3


That night, I had a dream. It was very weird and I did not understand it. Midnight and I were at the edge of a pool of water. We did not drink from this crystal clear pool, though I felt the scratchy thirst in my throat. I turned to Midnight, about to question why we were here, but when I looked in his eyes, they were filled with grief.

I awoke to the sound of dry pellets pouring into my bowl. The smell was foul. Even though I had grown somewhat used to the taste and smell of the food here and the dirty water, I still hated it.

I longed for my guardians, my family. The way Sophie always hugged me, the way Nathan told her to let me go. I even longed for the way John lifted me up in the air and pretended I was a spaceship.

Then, I knew what I had to do. I had to escape. I had to get back to my family. And I had to take all these other cats with me. They belonged here about as much as I did.

I saw that Midnight was beginning to stir. I turned to him and watched as he ate. When he was done he turned to me and asked, “What? Do I have a spider on my tail or something?” He turned around and around, chasing his tail and looking over his body.

“No,” I said, finally realizing why he looked so familiar. “It’s just…. Before I left my house and my owners, I took a nap and had a dream. In that dream I was a stray cat living on my own, well, with another cat, too. And that cat looked exactly like you. It was you.”

Midnight just stared at me in bewilderment. “Y-you’re a-a…. dreamer!” He stuttered, his voice amazed, but with a little hint of fear.


“A what?” I asked, confused and a little afraid of what he had said. Frisky, the cat to my right, the really old one I noticed when I first came here, the one that Midnight told me about when we were talking the night before, spoke for him.

“A dreamer is a cat who can dream of the future or about other cats who do exist. Many cats try to find dreamers in their lives to tell them about their future, but very few are still alive. Usually, dreamers who are alive today come from a family whose ancestors were a part of The Great Age, a time when the smartest cats formed a society called The Freedom Cats. The Freedom Cats was a group of cats who worked to free other cats from human captivity. They then went on to bigger dreams and experimented with herbs and plants and were eventually able to create a poultice that could give ordinary cats special abilities, such as seeing the future in dreams. Others were given the power to read minds, feel cats’ emotions, control the weak minded, and even come out of their body and into spirit form and go into other cats and read their minds, feel their emotions, etc. But the cats who were a part of The Freedom Cats eventually found out that this practice was dangerous, and they stopped anyone from making the poultice ever again. But the cats who did have these powers still have a little of the power flowing through the family. Therefore, any living cat could have these powers.”

She took a long breath and curled back up into a ball and within seconds had fallen into a deep sleep. I noticed I was staring at her, so I turned my gaze to Midnight, a million questions showing in my eyes.

“I’m going to tell you something I have never, never told anyone in my life.” he said. The questions in my eyes turned into curiosity. “I am… one of those cats.” I was shocked. It didn’t show on my face, but I was. My expression was frozen into place. I was a blank expression.


“What can you do?” I asked.

“I can come out of my body in spirit form and go into other cats.” He replied. I was about to say something, but I was cut off by a terrifying human scream outside.


Every cat turned its head towards the door. Even Frisky, who is a pretty heavy sleeper, was awoken by the sound. Before anyone could question what was happening, in burst an adult girl human with blood dripping from four slashes on her face.


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