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You talked to the cat first?

by Orson

colum3My name is Orson. I am spiritual evolution's crowning achievement. A spirit that once enlivened an amoeba in the sea and traveled through the likes of Moses, Spartacus, Betsy Ross, Sigmund Freud, Winston Churchill, Rosa Parks, MLK, JFK and Princess Di has landed now in the ultimate creature. My spirit has never -- and will never -- pass through Dr. Phil.

While not humble, I might say that I am the epitome of wisdom, interdependence, compassion, reason, empathy, loyalty and love. If you send me your tales of love, woe and triumph, I will be happy to answer your questions and share my insights into your personal and professional dilemmas. I may, from time to time, approach you with food for thought.

My advice is not intended to be taken in lieu of professional counsel. Indeed, I recommend such assistance, as it is likely that only after an endeavor of this type will you fully appreciate the sublime perspective of..........the dog.


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