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Gray Wolf Returns to Oregon

Radio-collared wolf from Idaho confirmed in northeast Oregon


Defenders of Wildlife

BOISE, Idaho – The La Grande Field Office of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) confirmed Thursday that a female gray wolf from the Boise, Idaho area is now making her home in northeastern Oregon.

Wolves were native to Oregon, and thrived there until sometime in the 1930s when they were eradicated from the state. Today’s announcement is an important sign that gray wolves are successfully returning to their historic habitat in Oregon.


The following is a statement from Suzanne Stone, northern Rockies wolf conservation specialist for Defenders of Wildlife:


“This wolf comes from the Timberline pack, which we here in Boise know very well – it was named after our own Timberline High School. She made quite a journey and she has chosen excellent habitat in which to make her home. Northeast Oregon is one of the places where we always expected wolves would someday return.


“Unfortunately, this great news comes on the same day that the FWS has announced new rules that make it easier for wolves to be killed by private citizens. Those rules threaten the very population of Idaho wolves that provided Oregon’s new wolf, and could undermine the gray wolf’s ability to recolonize more of its historic habitat.


“We always hoped this day would come, and we’re thrilled that it is finally here. We look forward to working with biologists, tribal leaders and ranchers to ensure the future of wolves in Oregon and across the region.”


Learn more about what Defenders is doing for wolves.




Defenders of Wildlife is dedicated to the protection of all native animals and plants in their natural communities. With more than1 million members and activists, Defenders of Wildlife is a leading advocate for innovative solutions to safeguard our wildlife heritage for generations to come. Defenders’ administers The Bailey Wildlife Foundation Wolf Compensation and Proactive Carnivore Conservation Fund, which assist family ranchers in living with wolves and other endangered species. For more information, visit www.defenders.org.


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