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about us


about us

Our Place to Paws was born one day when writer Faye Rapoport DesPres was sitting at her computer in the Boston area attempting to get some work done. One of her shelter-rescued cats, Cali, was curled up and purring happily on her lap.

Faye realized that she would have to move the cat if she wanted to act like a real professional, reach the computer keyboard easily, and focus on her work. She then realized that she just didn't have the heart to actually move the cat. And so, Faye gave up on ever being a hot-shot, highly paid writer, and started Our Place to Paws instead. Cali, meanwhile, kept purring on her lap.

Since that day, Our Place to Paws has grown a Web site enjoyed by animal lovers in the U.S. and worldwide. We have contributing writers, artists, Web designers and photographers who keep a special place for animals in their lives and hearts.

Our mission is to offer entertaining and informative articles about (and "by") animals, to give visitors a chance to submit and share their letters, stories and photos, and to help animals by featuring the work of animal rescues and other non-profit organizations.   We are always looking for ideas on how to help our readers and the members of our subscription list find ways to take action for animals and to help non-profit animal organizations. 

Our Place to Paws is seeking animal-friendly companies willing to advertise on our pages to help us maintain the site.  We donate 10% of any advertising dollars to the non-profit animal organization of the advertiser’s choice.

We also provide links for purchasing pet products and animal book reviews.   If you’d like us to link to your products or site, please write to OurPlacetoPaws@aol.com.

Finally, our mission is to make our readers laugh, smile, interact with their kids to teach a love for animals, hug their pets just a little harder, and maybe adopt a new best friend or take part in a rescue event in their area.

Our Place to Paws is ever-evolving, and is as strong and interesting as our readership. Please write to us, sign-up for our e-newsletter or e-updates (we never sell our list and you can unsubscribe at any time), submit your own photos, enter our contests, and suggest story or interview subjects.

Thanks for stopping by.

  our staff

* Editor-in-Woof: Faye Rapoport DesPres
* Contributing Writers: Peggy Dey, Jean-Paul DesPres, Richard Wexler
* Book Reviews: Joan Schweighardt
* Contributing Artist: Gloria Rapoport

* Graphic Design: Justin Sablich

To subscribe to Our Place to Paws, send an email with Subscribe: Our Place to Paws in the subject line to OurPlacetoPaws@aol.com. We will not share or sell your email address or our email list no matter what - upon pain of having to change 100 litter boxes every day. Our Place to Paws is trademarked, and content is copyright 2009.

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